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Kate and I spent time at the Arboretum, while Carly was in Highland Park.  We had fun exploring around, and finding some great spots.  I do want to express that while location is important, the photography should always be about the subject!  With so many, the background is intentionally blurred so that my subject stands out.  Photography 101!  LOL.  I guess what I'm trying to say, is to not get so hung up on location!  We can make a dumster look good!  Especially these girls!  Aren't they gorgeous!!

So here is Kate and Carly!   


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Andrew in Adriatica https://www.unspokenphotobylauriefinx.com/blog/2019/8/andrew-in-adriatica Hey, so lets talk about the guys.  This one was full of personality, and wasn't shy of the camera at all!  This was a 2 hour session, and for a guy, he hung in there like a champ!  Guys...you will also want to remember this time in your life! I promise to make it fun and entertaining. Most guys opt for my quick session, which is 45 minutes.  I still recommend a couple of different looks, with a quick shirt change.  I think that an urban area with a parking garage fits the guys.  I also like doing more industrial for ya'll too.  If you are into sports, we can hang out in a stadium for a bit.  Bottom line....mom wants these pics done.  I guarantee you are breaking her heart if you don't do it!!  You don't want to do that!!

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Deep Ellum https://www.unspokenphotobylauriefinx.com/blog/2019/7/deep-ellum Deep Ellum brings back a ton of memories for me.  This was my place to hang in my 20's, with my bestie.  So many memories were brought back on this shoot. It's changed a lot since back in the day.  It's been cleaned up, modernized, but it will always have that grunge vibe.  So many colors, so many textures...you really have to limit yourself.  I brought 2 of my model reps.  who killed it.  They brought their model game, and fulfilled my vision of cool chicks!  Liza and Alyson are also good friends, so this just all worked!  The cactus place was a good way to end.  I found the holy grail of cacti, and I will HAVE to shoot here again.  The girls were outfitted by Love Life Store.  I am so thankful for the support and they had so many cute things to choose from.  This shoot was styled by me, and I'm pretty proud of it!  My girls really rocked this session!

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Class of 2020 Model Rep Team shoots - Halfway done! https://www.unspokenphotobylauriefinx.com/blog/2019/7/class-of-2020-model-rep-team-shoots---halfway-done Now that summer is more than halfway over, I thought I'd share what has been going on with my Class of 2020 Model Team!  We are making our way around the city, and even had one session in beautiful CO!  My first session was downtown, and we got some beautiful backdrops of the city.  Lydia's boyfriend came, (which we were both pretty thankful for him being there) so we put him in a couple of shots!  He was one of my 2019 clients!  We took Sydney on our family vacation to Crested Butte, CO.  The views were pretty breath-taking, and Sydney brought her model game to the mountains!! Jordan got to play with smoke bombs, while showcasing her amazing gymnastics ability....which was pretty extraordinary! We got some beautiful silhouette shots at sunset.   I also had another beautiful session with Kate at the Dallas Arboretum.  I had never done a session there before, but we managed to find some gorgeous spots, including a wood carved door.   I'm having fun getting to know these girls.  They ooze in beauty, talent and kindness,  and I'm so thankful for them!  We have had some fun adventures, and I'm looking forward to a few more before the summer ends!!

Off to Deep Ellum tomorrow with a styled shoot with 2 of my girls, so be on the lookout for them!!

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